Ripples of my blog posts:

  • RonJeffries.com – The One You Love (My email inspired to this blog post by Ron Jeffries)
  • Eylean blog – Vulcanizing Kanban  (How ”The Volcano” can be adopted into Eylean)
  • InfoQ.com – News: Tomas Rybing on Product Radar  (Interview explaining the ”Product radar”)
  • InfoQ.com – News: Various Types of Kanban Boards  (”The Arrow” is included)
  • Eylean blog – Top 5 Most Innovative Kanban boards  (”The Arrow” is on the list)
  • JAXenter.com – Applied capacity planning (republication of ”Applied Capacity Planning”)
  • InfoQ.com – News: Introducing The Arrow Kanban board (also translated to ChineseFrench and Portuguese)
  • JAXenter.com – The Arrow – An advanced Kanban board (republication of ”The Arrow”)
  • Eylean blog – The Arrow that will change Kanban (blog post partly based on ”The Arrow”)
  • JAXenter.com – Another look at #NoEstimates in the Agile world (republication of ”#NoEstimates”)
  • InfoQ.com – News: Tomas Rybing on Priority Pyramid
  • JAXenter.com – Agile tips: the Priority Pyramid (republication of ”Priority pyramid”)
  • Javiergarzas.com – Priorizando el product backlog (blog post in Spanish partly based on ”Priority pyramid”)
  • Lean Coffee – Anteckning 2015-04-01 (trackback from meeting notes to ”Lean and Agile in three pictures”)

My contribution to the work of others:

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