Visualization Examples

I was introduced to Jimmy Janlén and his work at “Agila Sverige 2015” (a yearly Agile conference in Stockholm, Sweden). Jimmy did a speech called “Visualization bonanza”, where he presented 40 visualization examples in ten minutes! I learned that he was about to write a book, and I immediately got excited since I’m a big fan of visualization myself. When the book with the full title ”Toolbox for the Agile Coach – Visualization Examples” was released, I got hold of a copy and started reading!



The book holds 124 pages focusing on visualization examples, together with some general information. It is really hard to pick which examples to high-light in a review! It depends where your teams are in the Agile journey, and if they are using Scrum or Kanban. Instead I will list five visualizations we are using and can recommend, complemented with five we are curious about and want to try out.

Recommended visualization examples:

  • Urgent lane – Some of our teams use this for urgent stuff
  • Kaizen board – We use this to keep track of our continuous improvements
  • WIP limits – We use swim lanes to limit work in progress (together with avatars)
  • Limit by space – Really good to work with this
  • Pyramid backlog – We have used something similar, that has evolved and we are now using this.

Curious about and want to try out:

  • Dependency sprider
  • Achievement poster
  • Review queue
  • Today’s trick
  • I want to learn


I can truly recommend this book! The format is perfect; focused & really to the point. The book is packed with visualization examples you can start to use today. Jimmy Janlén is THE wizard of visualization!

All the best,
 Tomas from TheAgileist


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