Control room

We have a ”control room” where the teams perform all of their important meetings, like the daily standup and retrospectives (we call them Kaizen-meetings). This is how the room looks like.


I’ve put in some circles in the picture to be able to better describe to you what you see. Here it goes:

  • The green circle to the right – This is a priority pyramid that we use for visualizing our backlog. You can read more about how that is done here.
  • The yellow circles – Team kanban boards. We are in a transition from Scrum to Kanban so the boards are not perfect yet (to my opinion), but we are slowly getting there.
  • The red circle to the left – This is the Kaizen-board. Here we track long term continuous improvements with a simple ”To do, Doing, Done”-board. All stickies get a date on them when they enter the board, to be able to spot ”oldies”.
  • The white/grey circle to the right – This is a empty whiteboard. We use it to write down quick ideas on meetings etc.
  • The blue circle in the middle of the room – This is our gem! A 4K TV that currently shows status from our automated tests and our bug tracking system. Here we can always see the current situation. Basically green means ”good” and normal, and everything else is deviances that we need to act upon. All information is present to be able to build a SW-GPS for navigating our projects. The graphs are made with gnuplot. An extra HDMI cable is connected to the TV to be able to plugin a laptop for quick demos and other discussions.

In total we have eight whiteboards in the room (not all of them are shown in the picture). Also present in the room is a sofa (for coziness), chairs and and a small table to place a laptop on. Meetings in the ”control room” tends to be more informal than in a ordinary meeting room with a projector.

What does your ”control room” look like?

All the best,
 Tomas from TheAgileist


    1. Hello Joshua, and thanks for the comment. Me and the teams have focused quite a bit to visualize information. It help us build a better product! All the best, Tomas.


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