Greatness (by modern leadership)

This video just knocked my socks off! I had to make a blog post out of it and share it with you. I have just started to read “Turn the ship around” by David Marquet and this clip is based on that book (and I will of course come back with a review of it later).  Then, what is the video about? I take this from the sub-title:

“Embedding the capacity for greatness in the people and practices of an organization, and decoupling it from the personality of the leader”

First, a short introduction to David Marquet if you haven’t heard of him before. He is a retired captain of an US submarine (USS Santa Fe). Before he became captain on the submarine, the crew were performing badly and the morale was low. David was trained to be captain of another submarine type (USS Olympia), but his superior assigned Santa Fe to him instead. Not being able to “know everything in detail”, and with too short time to learn, he had to rely on the people in his crew to get things moving forward and they certainly rose to the challenge! Now you may watch the clip! 🙂

Greatness (by modern leadership)

This 9:48 minutes completely nails what type of leadership our world needs today. Not tomorrow, but TODAY!!! This is how you should turn the pyramids upside down! 

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