Organization change – Turn the pyramid!

Below is a picture that shows the ”Command & Control”-model that has been universally prevailing for quite some time. In fact since the beginning of the Twentieth century, when it was ”invented” by gentlemen like Henry Gantt and Frederick Taylor. Most companies have been ”commanded and controlled” in this manner, but now organizational changes are starting to happen, both here and there.


(This picture is screen captured 20:51 into the clip ”The Improvement Kata: A Way of Managing” that you can find on YouTube).

In this model the executives (management board) sets the vision, gives all the answer and dictates the masses in the execution. It worked well (did it?) in times where a small amount of people had all the knowledge and only shared bits and pieces of it when necessary. But now, the amount of information and change that needs to be handled within a organization (as well in life as such) is enormous! It’s simply not possible for a small amount of people to know everything. So instead the pyramid has turned!


(This picture is screen captured 21:23 into the clip ”The Improvement Kata: A Way of Managing” that you can find on YouTube).

The executives of the company still sets the vision. But then the management and senior leaders are supporting and coaching the masses to seek and find solutions to the problems that are in line with the company vision. The knowledge is now more evenly spread. Teams are autonomous and self-organizing. Management is there to remove impediments and reminding of the overall vision (to prevent sub optimization).

I found the very interesting picture below floating by on Twitter. The question is ”Should the boss have all the answers”?


I feel very privileged to live in the part of the world where this organizational change now can set roots and be able to flourish! I’m totally convinced that the rest of the world will follow. This change is inevitable. I’ve seen organizational charts where the pyramid is in fact turned, and ”the reporting structure” is changed to a ”supporting structure”.

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