Movie trailer

My daughter is five years old and she really likes to play/work with the iPad we have at home. They also use iPads as learning tools at kindergarten. It’s amazing to see what she can do! One day we were playing around with iMovie, an application for video editing, which is very intuitive. Without any help she was able to produce movies that looked really professional. Being inspired but this, I thought that I must use this at my workplace!

To celebrate the latest release of our product, and to recognize the teams who did it, I went around the office one day with my mobile phone and took pictures and short video clips. With the iMovie application I put together a short movie trailer by adding the pictures and some informative texts (I’m sure there are other video editing alternatives out there as well). The movie trailer became about one minute long. The creating process was really simple, and I didn’t focus that much on having some sort of manuscript for the movie. Just pictures and clips for motivation, mixed up with pictures from our product. I didn’t spend more than 2-3 hours in total on this activity.

Then the big day came and the product was released. I showed the movie at the release party, and the team members were really proud to see their work in this way! They wanted to have own copies of the release movie to show at home, for family and friends. This was really maximum effect with minimum time effort!


A shorter version of this text has been published as a story in the book #Workout by Jurgen Appelo.


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