This short post will be about a book that I can truly recommend. It’s the #Workout by Jurgen Appelo! Subtitle is Games, Tools & Practices to Engage People, Improve work, and Delight Clients. It’s the latest book in his Management 3.0 series. It’s currently available in e-formats;  Kindle (at Amazon) and ePUB (at iTunes/iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Scribd). It will be available as a physical book in mid November (or as a ”book book” as we say in Sweden 🙂 ).


The book contains tons of good management stuff! Personally I like the texts about ”Delegation boards” (seven levels of delegation), ”Identity symbols” (use symbols to strengthen identity) and ”Project Credits” (how to acknowledge the participants in a project).

Just out of a coincidence yours truly have made some small contributions to this book. One endorsement that you can find right after the table of contents (if you use the ”Look inside” function at Amazon), and a story. The story is located at the end of the ”Work Profiles and Project Credits”-chapter and is called ”Movie trailer”.



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